Remote Deposit Capture (Check 21)

Businesses continue to choose technology that will increase operating efficiencies and improve overall business practices. Total ePay is committed to providing our customers business tools and products that will help them improve overall business process, increase operating efficiencies and save money.

Our Remote Deposit Capture Solution enables you to improve your overall check collection process. There will no longer be a need to carry numerous check deposits to the bank and wait days for the checks to clear before you have access to the funds. Through our partnership with some of the leading Remote Deposit Capture solutions, we are your one stop source to this technology.

By using a scanner and our solution, you can scan checks from your desk and these checks can be captured and sent to your financial institution. In addition, we provide specialty file reporting, online reporting to facilitate reconciliation and a host of other optional tools.

Here is an opportunity for you to provide your customers additional solutions that will help them better manage their cash flow. In this economy business are concerned about how they can increase cash flow and provide additional value to their customers. Consider Total ePay as your partner for success.