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Electronic payment products and solutions for companies that facilitate
the collection of payments from their customers.

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Online bill payment enables consumers to initiate payments to virtually any biller from their financial institution's home banking Website.

Credit Card

Looking for the ability to provide credit card processing at your location on your Web site or on the phone? Our solution is ideal for your business.


Businesses continue to choose technology that will increase operating efficiencies and improve overall business practices.

Account to Account (ACH)

Provide your customers with additional payment capabilities to include sending payments from their Web site or through your customer service representative.

Total ePay. We take care of your business

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Key features


Accommodate all kinds of payment Structure.


School Lunch Programs, Donation Programs, Restaurant Franchise, Educational Program, Rent Management Companies and more.

User Friendly Interface

Easy to Use - Can be operational with minimal training.

Great Team

Our great team has the experience knowledge and understanding to address any need related to your payment.

Comprehensive Transaction Reporting Service

We provide custom comprehensive reporting services that fits your business needs.

Comprehensive Transaction Reporting Service
We integrate the future

We integrate the future

We are the integrator that will integrate the future of payment service into your business.