Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Avrami Lieberman


Ayala Sharon

Director, Operation

Ayala Sharon brings over twenty five years of experience in managing financial institutions, banks and other private companies dealing with money transactions. Her previous role at Total ePay was a Vice President and Marketing director, dealing with large institutions for their ACH products. Prior to that Ms. Sharon had a roll of Risk Manager Officer at ePaystream where she reviewed all the companies that joined the firm prior to approval. In the banking industry Ms. Sharon's main concentration was in the retail banking where she worked as a Branch Manager and a Loan Officer for a domestic and international type's banks. Her training consists of credit risk type lending, and her main experience is in: underwriting capabilities, risk management, commercial lending, commercial mortgages and consumer mortgages. She worked for Bank Leumi Trust Company of NY, Banco Popular De Puerto Rico, J.P Morgan Chase and Marathon Bank of NY. Ms Sharon is an army veteran and her education is from local and international universities.

Sanjay Ghosh

Chief Technology Officer

Sanjay brings ten years of experience in client-server, web based reporting and data warehousing to Total ePay. Sanjay has worked in financial (ACH, SWIFT), EDI, and credit card processing, as well as medical (HIPAA Compliance) applications. His expertise lays in Web based application development, Jdk1.2.2, Java Server Pages, Java Script Pages, Oracle 8x, Sybase PHP and Perl 5.6.0. Sanjay developed the Total ePay platform and supporting software.

Wayne Brown

Director, Marketing

Wayne Brown has over twenty five years of experience in financial services. His previous role at Citigroup was the Vice President and Senior Product Manager of North America Receivables, where was responsible for a suite of electronic payment products, namely, B2B (EIPP) B2C (Biller Direct) and EDI. Previous roles consisted of product and account management responsibilities at Metavante Corporation, Deutsche Bank and MasterCard Worldwide. While at MasterCard he spearheaded a series of electronic payment product enhancements in the RPPS (Remittance Payment Presentment Services) group that resulted in increasing payment volumes by 25% in one year. These enhancements contributed to the RPPS product providing premier service as a leading consumer home banking electronic payment gateway.

For the last twelve years Wayne has been an active participant in NACHA's Council Electronic Billing and Payments (CEBP) Council and was one of the author's of the Walk- In Payment Best Practices Guide published by NACHA and released in February 2007. Wayne holds a B.B.A in Finance from Baruch College and has completed his Master's of Science coursework in Management and Strategic Planning at Manhattanville College.